What to buy for a housewarming party? 6 ideas for an interesting gift

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Do you have an invitation to a housewarming party and do not want to come empty-handed? Wondering what to gift the owners of the apartment or house? Check out the list below and you’re sure to find the perfect gift! See for yourself!

Alcohol and a set of glasses or glasses

There’s a reason we’re just starting with alcohol. It’s the most versatile gift that hosts can open during the party or keep for later. Opt for a bottle of good whiskey, great wine or little-known craft beers. If your budget allows, buy a decent set of matching glasses, glasses or a decanter. You may also be tempted to get metal cooling cubes, which are an ideal substitute for regular ice cubes. In the autumn-winter season, you can also choose a stoneware set for mulled wine or beer. 

Potted plant

Potted plants are also a versatile choice for a housewarming party. Young hosts usually think about accessories and decorations at the end. First they care about finishing their nest. Plants enliven interiors and warm them up. If you are not sure about their floral abilities, buy undemanding but showy specimens. These are, for example, zamiokulkas, aloe, stamen, thicket, herbaceous, dracaena or monstera.

Coffee or tea set

An alternative to alcohol is a coffee or tea set. Here, for example, you may be tempted to get a coffee maker and a packet of delicious coffee beans, or a set of cups or mugs. For tea connoisseurs, choose a stylish teapot with cups and an aromatic blend of leaf teas. The possibilities here are indeed many.

Board games

A rather non-obvious gift this time. Board games are experiencing a real renaissance right now, and even if you’re not sure whether your hosts like to play them, you can bet on a game like Marriage Games, Monopoly, Ego or the timeless Scrabble, among others. So they will be able to spend pleasant evenings in their new apartment or spice up their next gatherings with loved ones.

SPA set

Decorating the proverbial four walls causes a lot of stress and nerves. So give the gift of a moment of relaxation. We recommend that you put together a home spa kit yourself – fluffy quality towels, scented candles, a body massage brush, body scrub and bath salts. Pack it all in a beautiful organizer for the household members to use.

Kitchen accessories

Finally, we have one more category of products. Namely, it’s about kitchen accessories in the broadest sense. In this case, for a housewarming party you can gift one or several cutting boards made of the best materials, an original cake platter, a cheese board with knives, a grill pan, a set consisting of spoons, ladle and spatula, or a luxurious dinner service for 6 or 12 people.

As you can see, the cross-section of gifts is really wide. Much depends on how much money you want to spend on them. We have no doubt that there are gifts in every price range on our list. Which one will you choose?

main photo: unsplash.com/Kathy Lee

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