Boho decoration for the terrace

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Boho style is present not only at home. It can also be a perfect complement to our terrace. Let’s check how to transfer this very popular trend also outside.

Universal boho style

Boho style is most evident in fashion, but it is also perfect for beautifying your home. Ethnic patterns and colors and references to the exotic can be successfully transferred to the apartment. Choosing the right colors of walls, or accessories will make our space get a unique character – such interiors will surely make a great impression. Boho style accessories will also work well when creating a cozy and very romantic terrace.

What boho accessories to choose for our terrace?

The boho style is mainly geometric patterns, warm colors and very characteristic materials that loosely refer to the eco aesthetics. Thanks to them, our terrace will surely become an exceptionally cozy place. Very popular prints in boho style are mandalas and dream catchers. They can be found on carpets for the terrace as well as on cushions and bedspreads. Simple patio furniture made from Euro pallets can be complemented with light beige seats and cushions with dream catcher patterns. On the floor, a rugs made of natural materials with a geometric weave pattern will be great. Also, a carpet for the terrace, decorated with a mandala pattern, will certainly add a bit more cozy character to our space. To make our terrace even more romantic, we can set the lanterns on the floor, in which will burn a candle, surrounding the terrace with a warm light. Models in a more exotic style, such as with Eastern elements, will turn the terrace into a real space for relaxation

Boho style is also very natural materials, especially linen, but also cotton and knitwear. Braided furniture, such as an armchair with hooks, will make the terrace get a completely different character. Boho style textiles have geometric and floral patterns, reminiscent of the style of Mexican rugs, full of colorful prints and flowers. The boho style is also evident in the characteristic hooks, which are used to cover cushions or blankets. The color scheme is more towards pastels and muted reds, but in accessories it blends beautifully with more vivid shades of turquoise or green. This style loves a mix of muted beige with very expressive red or navy blue

Patio furniture in boho style

Terrace in this style will look great with furniture made of wood or wicker. You can also be tempted to have small pouffes upholstered with knitted fabric, and decorated with decorative hooks. A set of furniture with a coffee table and wooden chairs with soft cushions will make us find our place to relax, and the terrace itself will be even more cozy. The boho style is also about simplicity, so the furniture should be rather minimalist, and the original character will give them accessories in the form of embroidered pillows or blankets. Also, small tables with metal legs and a natural wooden top will make the terrace like an extension of our living room and a great place to spend time with friends and family.

Flowers on the terrace in boho style

The perfect complement to a boho style terrace is to place flower pots on it. This simple trick will make it feel like a garden. Large porcelain pots with fiddleheads, palm trees or cacti will make your terrace a real little paradise for the senses and a place to relax. Use hanging lanterns or cotton balls to complete the look.

You do not need many accessories to create a boho terrace. Just a few pillows with hooks, or a simple wooden table and decorations in the form of Buddha figurines, and our home space will become a unique and cozy place.

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