What carpet to choose for a child’s room?

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A child’s room is a place that should be, above all, cozy. For sure, a rug will make it a nicer place for our kids. It is worth considering what kind of carpet for children to choose. Here are some hints.

A short-pile rug

It is very important to choose a carpet with short pile for the children’s room. The long pile ones, which are very fluffy, may look cute and feel nice, but they are also very difficult to clean. Our child may spill juice or crushed food on them, and then it will be very difficult to pull out the dust and dirt from such a carpet. On the market there are special stain-resistant carpets for children’s rooms, which are very easy to vacuum and can be cleaned with a sponge and detergent. It is worthwhile to have a short pile carpet also because it will be easy to clean it dry. It is enough to use a special carpet washing powder, rub it into the carpet and then the dirt and the powder residue is pulled up with a vacuum cleaner. We will definitely make it more hygienic and safe for our kids. To clean the carpet, use a powder that is safe and does not contain harmful chlorine. You can, instead, use baking soda, which is completely safe.

Carpet with a non-slip mat

Our kids, especially the older ones, can be very busy. Running around the house is a norm, that’s why it’s worth thinking about a carpet in their room which will have a rubber surface underneath, thanks to which it won’t move even during very vigorous play. If the carpet doesn’t have a rubber material underneath, you can use a rubber carpet net, which you can buy in any carpet store. It is available to buy by the meter, so we can perfectly fit it to the size of our carpet

Interesting patterns

Certainly our children would like their room to look like from a fairy tale land. It is worth to match it with the color scheme of the room and its decor. There may be some nice fairy tale characters on it, such as pony or cartoon characters. Boys will definitely love the nautical patterns. Girls will love a rug with their favorite princess motif. You can also buy a rug that will be a toy right away. Theme rugs are also back in vogue, for example, with a drawn track for toy cars or two goals that make it possible to play on a football pitch. A rug of this type will definitely make our child eager to come back to his room and play with us or his siblings, for example, in car races

Where to buy rugs for kids?

Rugs for children’s room will definitely get in carpet stores, where there is a separate section for children. You can also buy them from online stores. These are safe stores where you can get certified carpets that are easy to clean and do not contain any admixtures such as wool, to which a child may be allergic. It is worth checking the certificates and the composition of the carpet. Some brands produce easy to clean and hypoallergenic carpets for children.

Despite the fact that the materials from which the carpets are made are hypoallergenic, it is worth checking beforehand if the carpet can be washed wet or washed in a washing machine. If not, we should take the carpet to a dry cleaner.

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