Small big changes in the bedroom – do it yourself!

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Not only a complete renovation can give our bedroom a new life. Sometimes small changes, which we can make in a short time, are enough. They do not have to be very expensive either. Here are some ideas.

Change the look of your walls

You can make a quick change in your bedroom by simply changing the color and design of your walls. Nowadays, painting is not a big job where you have to mix paints and apply them in many layers

If changing the color of the walls is not enough for you and you want a bigger change, you can confidently invest in 3D decorative panels or a wall mural that will transform the interior of your bedroom

It’s good to change the look of your bed

This, of course, does not mean getting rid of the bed from the bedroom and buying a new one, which is certainly not a small expense. Not many people realize how important a bed design is for the look of the whole bedroom. It’s a good idea to change the textiles – colorful pillows or a new bedspread with an interesting pattern will make the bed look completely different. Replacing curtains and drapes is also a good idea. Yellows, blues, beiges and grays – the choice of colors is large. Bottle green is also popular, which is worth using in large bedrooms

A rug in the bedroom

It is well known that a properly selected carpet is able not only to provide comfort to your feet, but also to visually warm up the interior. This is how we can make a big change in our bedroom. Carpets made of natural materials are popular this season – especially wool or wool combined with silk. Models with unusual structures, such as fringes or those made of felted wool, are also in demand

Furniture metamorphosis

Metamorphosis of furniture can radically change the interior of the bedroom. Wooden furniture can be painted with a suitable paint. Before buying paint, it is advisable to seek expert advice in the store, because the choice of the wrong paint can damage furniture.
Furniture made of MDF or particle board and covered with various types of coatings can be veneered. With this technique, we will quickly change the appearance of our old furniture, and our bedroom will get a completely new look.

Living painting as an interesting change to the bedroom

You can also change the look of your bedroom by hanging a “living painting” on the wall, which is a composition made of reindeer moss in a lush green color. The moss is made of reindeer moss, which is a lush green color and is often decorated with pinecones or pieces of wood that reveal interesting wood grain. What are the other advantages of a living painting? For its implementation is used stabilized moss, which is used indoors. It is specially preserved, so it does not need to be watered

New bedside lamps

The lack of bedside lamps or not very interesting models used in the bedroom, is undoubtedly a mistake. You can replace them with very interesting and creative bedside lamps in colors that match your interior. For a bedroom with bottle green walls, models with gold accents will fit perfectly. A very stylish and unique solution for sure are stained glass lamps, whose popularity lasts with different intensity since XIX century.

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