Autumn decorations for your home to make with your child

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Autumn is the perfect time of year to create beautiful decorations for your home with your child. Chestnuts, acorns, colorful leaves – there are many possibilities!

Add variety to your home

Every season brings with it some gifts of nature. Autumn is definitely the best time to visit a forest or park and collect lots of ornaments that are literally lying on the ground waiting for someone to pick them up. What can we use? First of all, colourful leaves, various twigs and the ever popular chestnuts. Decorating your home in autumn is a great opportunity for a family outing and for creative ways to spend free time with your child

Making autumn decorations together

Everyone probably remembers art classes and making people out of chestnuts. When we prepare chestnut people and animals for school, we exercise our manual skills. So it is worthwhile to teach our children the same. What’s more, spending time creatively will improve everyone’s mood and bring you closer together. Here are some of our ideas for autumn decorations

A wreath of leaves

Autumn is spoiling us with its colors. With beautiful leaves you can make a wreath that you can then hang on the door to your home. How to make it? You will need:

  • dried, colorful leaves – this is, of course, the absolute basis of our work,
  • texture, from which we cut out a circle of the desired diameter,
  • hot glue,
  • string, which will be useful for hanging the leaf wreath on the door.

After tracing and cutting the circle from the texture, we move on to the preparation of the leaves. These are to be cleaned and dried and stripped of their petioles. Now simply glue the leaves to the cardboard, starting with the larger ones and ending with the smaller ones. Together with your child you will surely find your way to choose colors. Once the cardboard is dry, you can pull the string through the hole. Such a wreath can also decorate the table in the living room or dining room

Autumn Jar

This is an extremely simple decoration to make. You can use any autumn ornaments such as chestnuts, leaves and twigs. Put the ornaments into the jar, arrange them neatly and then put the jar in a chosen place. Such an autumn jar will look great on a coffee table or dresser.

Candles decorated with leaves

This equally easy to make decoration requires only string, colorful and dried leaves and a tall candle. Making this decoration is trivial and your child can do it on their own. Simply place a leaf in the center of the candle and attach with string. Tie a bow at the end and you’re done!

Golden garland

For this decoration we will also use our golden autumn leaves. To make the garland you will need some string, wooden clothespins, leaves and gold spray paint. All we need to do is paint the leaves in a ventilated area, and when dry, attach them to the string with clothespins. If you want to keep the colors varied, you can leave the leaves unpainted, just clean and dry them.

Chestnut people

We couldn’t miss chestnuts, of course, which are perfect for creating beautiful people and animals. To make them we need chestnuts and matches of course. After creating characters with chestnuts joined together with matches, you can easily place them on furniture and windowsills. Great fun for children guaranteed!

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