Curtains – functional and decorative interior element

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Curtains are like the icing on the cake of home decor. They add character to the room and at the same time perform a practical function, protecting against excessive sunlight. Colorless and dull rooms will gain life thanks to the choice of the right material, but it is worth remembering that too heavy fabrics may work against the room, limit the flow of light and make the decor depressing and tiring to the eye.

The right fabric

First of all, it is extremely important to choose the right fabric from which the curtains are to be (in the case of made-to-measure curtains) or are already sewn (in the case of ready-made curtains). The most popular choice is, of course, white, but the range is so wide that it is not worth limiting yourself only to the classics. If you are afraid of bold solutions, bet on pastel shades, which will give your apartment a cozy character, while providing a breath of fresh air in the interior design. On the other hand, for the brave ones, intensive colors, such as reds, navy blues or printed fabrics, which will emphasize the unique design of your living room or bedroom, will work best. It is worth remembering, however, that more intense colors fade with time, so it is good to take that into consideration when choosing curtains for rooms that are exposed to excessive sunlight.

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The right length

The right length of a curtain is of great importance depending on the effect we want to achieve. The ones that, combined with curtains, touch the ground are undoubtedly impressive, but they won’t work well in homes where small children play. In large families, it is definitely better to choose such curtains that end at the window level. This is a way to avoid unwanted rips and weekly laundering of fabric soiled by little hands. If you are looking for a solution that combines the advantages of long and short curtains, opt for a length detached from the ground for just a few centimeters. This unconventional approach to the topic of curtains will undoubtedly give your apartment a unique character.

Ready-made curtains

You don’t have to worry that preparing your curtains will consume too much time and money that you would rather spend on other decor elements. When it comes to ready-made curtains, the range is so wide that you can easily choose the perfect product for you. Regardless of the length, color, fabric, and pattern of the curtain you have dreamed up, you will undoubtedly find something to suit your needs. It’s a solution for people who know what they want, but prefer quick and easy solutions that won’t break the budget

Custom made curtains

Sometimes ready-made curtains do not fully correspond to the vision that appeared in your head and you can not find a model that perfectly complements the interior of your home. For help come metric curtains, thanks to which you will delight in style and give a unique character to your room, and all in accordance with your original plan. This solution is tailored to the personal preferences of the buyer, which guarantees full satisfaction and satisfaction with the final product

What should I consider when buying?

The color you decide on should depend on the intensity of the sun in the room – intense colors fade faster. Pay attention to the fact that not every fabric is machine washable, and a mistake could cost you the loss of new curtains. Length largely depends on who is in the apartment. With small children and pets, it is better to opt for shorter curtains. Depending on your budget, you can find something for you among an assortment of ready-made curtains or metered curtains. The right choice of curtains will transform your apartment beyond recognition.

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