Desk mats – a practical and elegant addition to the home office

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Looking for an idea for a stylish finish to your home office? A desk carpet is an original idea for an effective and practical decoration. There is a lot of choice – check how to choose a perfect model for your home office.

Under-desk carpet – is it worth it?

You work from home and you need a comfortable place for it. So you decorate it with great care – choose a solid desk, a fast laptop, reliable office equipment and a comfortable chair, but the effect is a bit harsh. There are many options for warming up your home office, but we would like to suggest an original solution – a carpet under your desk. Before you dismiss this idea, take a moment to think about it.

A desk carpet is not only a decoration, it is also very practical. Thanks to it, the floor under your desk will not be scratched from moving a chair. Chair pads or mats are often used for this purpose, but these solutions are far less aesthetically pleasing. Another great advantage of a desk mat is that it is irreplaceable on autumn and winter days, as it prevents your feet from freezing while you work. All warmth lovers will appreciate this.

Colorful desk rugs – a strong accent to a subdued office

When you choose a carpet for your office you have the opportunity to express yourself. However, make sure that the style of the carpet matches the character of the entire room. If your home office is decorated in a formal and subdued way a colorful rug will give it a lighter character and liven up the space a bit. In this case you can bet on an intense color of the carpet – it will be a strong decorative accent in your office, which will attract the eye. Do you like original designs? The offer of carpets with modern patterns is very large. For your home office we recommend especially those with geometric patterns. This design is a safe choice and fits into almost any interior. You can choose a black and white or coloured version.

Modern carpet for the office – what to pay attention to when buying?

Wondering what to look for when buying a desk carpet? In addition to design, the functionality of the carpet is also important, of course. For this reason, models with long piles, which could screw into wheels when moving a chair, are out. It is worth betting on a carpet with a short pile, and it is best to choose a flat-woven model – it is very easy to keep clean, it can be vacuumed literally in a few moments. 

It is also worth considering buying a carpet with an anti-slip coating, or possibly a separate anti-slip mat on which to lay the carpet – thanks to this, it will not move when you move a chair. 

Manufacturers also recommend that you choose carpets made of artificial materials for your office. Such carpets are hypoallergenic and much more durable than carpets made of natural fibers.

When buying a rug for your home office, you do not have to choose a model dedicated to this type of room. You can also choose from other categories of carpets, but make sure that it has the features we mentioned earlier. 

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