3D wall decorations. Suggestions

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The vast array of decorations available in home furnishing stores gives you plenty of scope for imagination. You can easily find fancy wallpapers, multicolored paints with different textures, tiles and even 3D decorations

If we decide on the latter, it is worth taking into account the space we have to develop. Here are suggestions of 3D decorations, which can be chosen without the help of an interior designer.

Arrangement possibilities with the use of 3D decorations

Size, texture, color are three elements that are worth paying attention to when arranging a room.

This applies to furniture, but also to decorations, especially those that will stand out as strongly as 3D decorations. In interior stores you can find many proposals that will satisfy the visual needs of any aesthete. From geometric patterns to animal and plant motifs.

3D pictures

Beautiful decorative frames and interesting patterns that slightly protrude from the picture. Such decoration will be a great addition to the interior. Slightly emphasized fragments will give an amazing effect. Just a few such works of art will enliven even the most subdued and colorless room. They will go well not only with plain walls, but also with colorful wallpapers. They are great to break up the simplicity of geometric wallpapers.

3D Panels

This is the most commonly used 3D solution. This proposal will work well in larger rooms, because the panels will optically reduce the room. Such interior can be complemented with several elements in contrasting colors, such as vases. The whole will be intriguing, and if necessary you do not need much to change the decor of the room. It is worth to know that 3D panels are purchased by pieces, so the selection of original surfaces and patterns is unlimited. They can also be painted in colors that will match the room. In the bedroom they will create an interesting headrest, and in the children’s room – an intriguing decoration for the child’s eye. Additionally they can be a great material for sensory stimulation.

3D stickers

This is the simplest option. Convex stickers are most often chosen for children’s rooms. Such decoration stimulates imagination. Additionally, the glue that they have does not stay on the surface of the wall and you can easily peel them off

3D stickers are also great for living room and bedroom walls. Interesting patterns, motivating inscriptions or simply geometric shapes will add character to the interior. For travelers will be great 3D stickers with maps, which can also be illuminated using LEDs. Motivational phrases can be adjusted individually – not only the choice of words, but also the color and texture. Waterproof stickers are increasingly popular in bathrooms in combination with special paints, and also in kitchens together with tiles or instead of them.

3D photo wallpapers

Wallpapers in a standard edition are found in more and more bold colors and patterns. A question of time was the emergence of spatial wallpapers. Thanks to them you can create the effect of an incredible depth, and even illusion in 3D. To optically enlarge a room, instead of mirrors, you can use three-dimensional wallpapers. They give many possibilities.

Their price does not knock you off your feet. With their help, we can completely change a boring living room or a colorless bedroom. Thanks to 3D wallpapers, narrow spaces will seem more spacious

We can choose from:

  • paper wallpapers – they are more suitable for rooms where the level of humidity is in the norm;
  • vinyl wallpapers – it is worth using them in interiors which are exposed to dirt. This type of wallpaper allows you to clean it without damaging the structure. They are also perfect for bathrooms and kitchens;
  • fleece wallpapers – are much easier to stick than their paper counterparts. They allow you to mask irregularities on the walls. It is best to install them in the hallway, living room or bedroom;
  • fiberglass wallpaper – this is the most durable of all candidates. It is also resistant to water and steam. It is therefore suitable for the bathroom, kitchen, but also for the bedroom. It masks imperfections visible on the wall. There is no need to specially level the surface before using it, which saves time and money;
  • three-dimensional wall decorations are a hit – not only do they decorate the wall, but also cover the imperfections. They can be freely selected for any room, which will gain a new look and individual character.

Main photo: Vinicius “amnx” Amano/unsplash.com

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