Blackout curtains for the bedroom – what to follow when buying?

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The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in any home. This is where we rest, relax and sleep. How many people, so many habits and individual needs that will ensure our sleep at the highest level. 

Among the amenities we can’t imagine a bedroom without are often blackout curtains. They provide a pleasant darkness, even if streetlights shine outside the window or the sun has already risen. What to pay attention to when choosing them?

Blackout curtains for the bedroom are not only a beautiful interior design element. Their second advantage is also functionality. First of all, these basic features should guide us during the selection. But that’s not all. Curtains should fit in with the rest of the decor, it is good if they are also matched to the size of the room, and the material from which they are made makes them stay with us for many years.

What to pay attention to when choosing blackout curtains?


Excellent materials that will work well for curtains will certainly be jacquard, velvet, linen, batiste, silk and velour. On the market we will also get many models made of artificial materials, such as polyester, artificial silk or viscose. A relative novelty available in stores is also blackout fabric, almost created for the production of blackout curtains. It consists of three layers with a special weave, and its inner layer is always black. The characteristic feature of this fabric is that it absorbs 90% to even 100% of the light and dampens the noise coming from the street. In addition to light insulation, it also provides thermal insulation, so it will be sensational in the summer during hot weather, providing a pleasant coolness in the bedroom. 

When choosing a fabric, it is also worth paying attention to its grammage. The higher it is, the better it will provide us with shading of the room and protection from heat.


Also important is the length of the curtain, which should be adapted to the height of the room and the location of the curtain rod. When choosing a blackout option, we can’t afford curtains that are too short, as they won’t do their job, and besides, they look extremely bad, no matter how beautiful the fabric we buy. A curtain that is too short can ruin even the best interior design.

As a rule of thumb, it is best if the curtain ends at a height of about a centimeter above the ground. If your bedroom is an undersized room, it will be safer to have customized curtains sewn. For some time there has also been a fashion for excessively long curtains that lie impressively draped on the floor, however, this is an option for those who appreciate avant-garde solutions.


The choice of the right color of curtains for the bedroom is actually in last place. It should be adapted to the character and design of the interior, as well as the furniture and accessories. Light-colored curtains will optically enlarge the room and give it lightness. Choosing a higher fabric weight or blackout curtains, you do not have to worry that they will not fulfill their blackout function. And dark fabrics will create a unique atmosphere and give elegance and chic.

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