Ethno style in the bedroom. Main assumptions

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Ethno style in interior design was triumphant in the 1970s. Today we are more and more willing to decorate our bedrooms in this colorful and referring to exotic cultures style. What are the main principles of ethno? How to arrange a room in this style? We suggest!

Ethno style is associated by many with boho. In fact, you can see some similarities between the two, but ethno by definition should be much more colorful and even slightly crazy. The main violin here plays saturated colors, hot oranges and reds, bottle greens, warm browns. There must also be characteristic Moroccan or Aztec patterns and souvenirs brought from distant travels. Ethno style allows you to celebrate exotic cultures. Their unique atmosphere transferred to the home will make our interiors cozy and original.

How to decorate a bedroom in ethno style?

Ethno style can be defined as a collection of distinctive elements that refer to local or exotic cultures and traditional crafts. Ethno often draws inspiration from regions such as Africa, the Far East and Latin America. If we want to arrange a bedroom in an ethno climate, we can turn to these exotic destinations and look at how the people living there decorate their homes.

In the ethno style, colors play the most important role. In Africa we will meet mainly yellows, beiges, dimmed oranges and browns. In India, intense purples, garnets, greens and gold accessories dominate. Latin America, on the other hand, relies on red, yellow, blue and green. When decorating an ethno bedroom, let’s make sure that the mentioned colors are not missing. We can choose wall paints in such saturated colors, or opt for wallpaper, which motifs will refer to distant cultures. If we prefer walls in pastel shades, then let’s opt for colorful textiles and accessories.

Let’s also pay attention to the furniture. The ethnic style is dominated by those made of wood, bamboo or rattan. They can be hand-woven or found at an antique market. Such gems emphasize the unique character of ethno, in which there is no place for massiveness. In the bedroom, a sturdy wooden bed and a closet are sure to come in handy. By the dressing table and bookshelf, woven rattan armchairs will look beautiful. We can store bedding and other textiles in a chest of drawers made of bamboo.

Additions to the bedroom in ethno style

The quintessential ethno style is materials and accessories. Bedding, curtains, blankets and scarves should be made of natural fabrics. A good choice will be linen, canvas, silk and velvet. We can look for decorative, hand-woven and hand-dyed fabrics from local artists.

An ethno bedroom should also not lack a rug in an oriental pattern, such as a Moroccan clover. As an alternative to a single rug, there are braided rugs in various colors and sizes. Ethnic motifs can also appear on bedding and curtains.

Ethno arrangement in the bedroom will be complemented by accessories. Wooden figurines and sculptures brought from travels, colorful jewelry, ritual masks or clay vases and dishes will add to the exotic atmosphere. We can decorate the walls with dream catchers, macramé and photos or paintings depicting distant regions. A practical addition will be small woven baskets, in which we can hide cosmetics and other trinkets.

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