Autumn decorations for the house – what to bet on to transform the interior at a low cost?

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Interior design items, as well as decorations for the house can have really high prices. However, who said that it is impossible to decorate your home beautifully without spending a lot of money? In this article we prove that as much as possible it is possible! See for yourself!

For autumn decorations go… for a walk!

Do you think that decorations for the home are only found on store shelves? Nothing could be further from the truth. Autumn abounds in real treasures – colorful leaves, chestnuts, acorns, pinecones, rowan. As you can see, it is really worth simply taking a walk to a nearby park, forest or at least a square. This will help you decorate your home beautifully, but without spending a fortune. Find out how you can easily and quickly prepare four impressive decorations. Step-by-step instructions on how to make them can be found below. 

Golden, white and black pumpkins – paint in hand!

Since autumn, so does the pumpkin. It will come in handy not only for eating, but also for decorating. If you don’t grow it in your own garden, check out local markets and stands. Stock up, for example, on one large pumpkin to place in the center of your entrance hall, or several smaller ones to set on a dresser or dining table. If you decide to have several pumpkins, it’s best to have them of different sizes. Such a composition will be more interesting.

And you can stop there, however, we recommend going a step further and painting these vegetables with spray paint. There are plenty of colors to choose from, but gold, silver, black and white are particularly suitable. If you want, sprinkle them with additional glitter or tie them with a ribbon.

Beautiful bouquet not from flowers, but from leaves

Cut flowers look fantastic, but in autumn it is better to replace them with a bouquet of leaves. Collect as many of them as possible – yellow, red, orange, brown. Arrange them in the form of the aforementioned bouquet, and gently tie the ends with string, thread, rubber band, or fishing line. This way you will prevent the leaves from spreading. It’s also a good idea to spray them with hairspray to not only keep them from going dark, but also to make them shine. Then place the whole thing in a vase with water or in a jar and you’re done.

Unusual autumn vase – from pumpkin

Combining the above elements, that is, pumpkin and leaves, you will create a unique autumn decoration for the house. In what way? First of all, the pumpkin can successfully replace the classic vase – but only if it stands stably on the ground. So cut off the upper part and hollow out the flesh carefully. In such a prepared pumpkin you can immediately put a bouquet of leaves or a classic bouquet (heather, chrysanthemums, asters), but it will be better if you pad the center with foil or floral sponge. You can also put the bouquet in a glass vessel first, and then in the pumpkin.

Cones in pots – small, but original

For the last autumn decoration you need cones of different shapes – and showy, cracked, and narrow, long – and a tiny pot for cacti or succulents and soil. This is where the cone will replace the plant. You just need to poke each piece inside. For a more difficult version, buy a Styrofoam ball and use hot glue to line it all with pinecones and acorns, and treat the clearances with spray paint. It will be difficult to take your eyes off such a decoration.

Do not wait and make any of the above decorations! Good luck!

main photo: Gonzalez

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