Quick way to make an Easter decoration

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Spring is a time when we gain extra energy to change our interiors, it is also an opportunity for festive meetings with family and friends. And although Easter is a short period of time, it is worth thinking about home decorations that will stay with us for longer and put us in a cheerful, spring mood. Here’s how to make quick and easy Easter decorations.

To prepare Easter decorations you do not need great talent or complicated tools, just some felt, colorful ribbons, hot glue and a little imagination. This is also an idea for creative spending time with children. Joint creation of Easter decorations is a great opportunity to tell your children about Easter customs and how looked like holidays of our childhood.

Felt bunnies

To make decorations of felt you will need:

  • scissors,
  • hot glue,
  • template of a bunny,
  • pieces of colored felt,
  • cotton wool or other filling,
  • black marker.

From the template printed earlier on a sheet of paper, trace the hare on the felt, then cut out two identical shapes. If you are skilled in drawing this type of animal template will not be necessary. Cut out bunnies put to each other and sew, leaving an opening for the filling. Stitched hare fill with cotton wool and draw the eyes and nose with whiskers. Felt ornaments made in this way will certainly look beautiful on the Easter table with Easter eggs.

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