Child’s birthday in the garden – how to organize a party?

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Summer is the ideal time of year to hold all kinds of parties in the garden, including a child’s birthday party. It is also an added convenience and even unlimited possibilities in arranging the time for the little guests. 

However, garden parties have this in common that sometimes we don’t know where to start and how to finally get down to organizing a birthday garden party. Here are some tried-and-true ideas and tips on what to do to make it beautiful, tasty and, of course, colorful! 

A birthday party in the garden?

The garden is really an excellent alternative to a child’s birthday party held at home. It has many additional advantages. First of all, you are not limited by space. Your child can invite any number of friends, and you are sure that there will be room for everyone. Secondly, the garden provides many additional opportunities to organize kids’ time on a completely different basis than at home. Thirdly, outside we have much more freedom. We don’t have to worry about possible damage or destruction, like dirty walls or broken vases. And fourth, and for some the most important, a garden party involves less cleaning both before and after the event. 

When organizing an outdoor party, however, you need to find out what the weather will be like that day, so you won’t be surprised by rain. If the forecast is uncertain, prepare the alternative of moving the party indoors or renting a tent. 

A plan is a must! 

At the latest a week before the planned event, sit down and create a framework plan for the party. In it, write down the dishes you will serve, snacks and drinks. Plan decorations, additional attractions and games. For some of these you will need props. It will be best if you determine the theme together with the birthday boy or girl, this will avoid misunderstandings and possible disappointment. 

At this stage, you should also consider how you will seat your guests. Are you able to provide them all with seats at the table, or maybe you should think about the option of a picnic on the grass with spread blankets, cushions and a low table?

What can you not forget? 


It’s good if they are related to the theme of the party. They can be garlands, balloons, lanterns, posters, banners or toppers. You can attach them to the gazebo, trees or bushes. Also, separate two areas: one for eating and the other for entertaining. This will avoid stains on clothes and wasted food. Various kinds of blankets, bedspreads and pillows in vivid colors and interesting shapes will also work well as decorations.


Free garden space gives us many opportunities in this regard. Children can play ball, throw themselves with water balloons, look for hidden treasure, play trick-or-treating, and at the end of the evening you can arrange a cloud cinema. 


Snacks are a staple of any party, regardless of the age of the guests invited to it. An obvious one that must appear at a birthday party is a cake. Cakes, fruit, ice cream or lemonade are also useful. Rather avoid salty sticks and chips. A good alternative to a hot meal may be to organize a bonfire, but this requires advance preparation and a poised supervisor who will control both the fire and the children communing with it. 

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