How to store things in the bathroom?

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Good organization of space in the bathroom is essential. It is much easier to relax in an orderly place. It also looks neater and more aesthetically pleasing. That’s why storage accessories are so important in the bathroom. Here’s how to choose.

Baskets and containers

Our bathroom storage solutions come in a variety of baskets and containers. Whether you have closed cabinets to keep the inside of your bathroom nicely tidy or no cabinets at all, or half-open ones, baskets and containers are a great choice for your bathroom. You can also hang baskets and containers on the wall with hooks so the things you want are always close at hand. They make great storage for small items like scrunchies, hairbrushes and scrunchies, small hand or face towels and small accessories like ear buds.

Shower shelf

Shelves of various kinds are also an extremely useful addition to the bathroom, especially those for the shower. They keep all your bath products, such as shower gels, shampoo and hair conditioner, in one place. And you can avoid putting wet products in the cupboard and let them dry on the shower shelf. A wall-mounted soap dish can also be useful in the shower. If you’re looking for a high-quality, elegant soap dish, visit


It’s also worth buying different types of hangers to keep your bathroom tidy. When it comes to towels, you can choose a large free-standing hanger. But if your bathroom is a bit smaller, you can choose wall-mounted towel rails, either single or double. You can also go for hooks that stick to the wall – ones that can be used in wet rooms and won’t come off when exposed to heat or water. You can also hang the baskets mentioned earlier on these hooks. Beautiful and elegant hangers can also be found on Bravat

Storing your cosmetics

We have already taken care of the bath products. But what about make-up and skincare products? A great solution is a mirror cabinet that you can hang in place of your regular mirror. This will save you a lot of space. Transparent organizers also work well. If necessary, you can simply rinse it with water. You can also keep your cotton pads in a similar container. Put all this on open shelves.


The bathroom is usually also a place where we do laundry. Therefore, in order to keep the laundry from “tumbling” around the corners, you may want to buy a linen closet. We strongly recommend such a closed from the top. Then the empty one holds its shape, and the one filled to the brim does not frighten.

Soap and toothbrush storage

It’s also a good idea to provide elegant storage for soap and toothbrushes. If you prefer classic bar soap, choose a soap dish that can be placed on the sink or mounted to the wall. However, if you prefer liquid soap, you can also choose an elegant soap dispenser. It’s best to choose this accessory together with a toothbrush holder. Then you will be sure that everything fits nicely together and creates an elegant decoration of your sink and the entire bathroom.

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