Bathroom in industrial style. Arrangement proposals

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Do you love loft interiors? Introduce industrial style to your home! Check out how to decorate a stylish and original bathroom. 

Industrial style is becoming increasingly popular

Do you love raw interiors, which at the same time have that something in them? Then you will certainly like the industrial style! It has its origin in the United States, and more specifically in the 1950s. At that time there was an economic crisis, as a result of which many factories or production halls were abandoned. They became a place for artists, who arranged studios and even apartments there. We have to admit that this was an interesting solution and we are not at all surprised that it inspires interior designers to this day. Very often industrial style or its elements can be found in modern homes and apartments. 

Features of industrial style

Industrial style is considered quite austere, so the basic colors in this case are black, white, gray and beige. Materials such as glass, brick, concrete, various metals are also an important element of such style.

This does not mean that the industrial style necessarily has to be exclusively cold and austere. In the interiors it is possible to combine these elements with accessories that will make the whole look homely and cozy, although with a claw! Very often in the case of industrial styled interiors we can see a combination of raw elements with wood, which gives a great effect and makes the interiors throughout the house fit together. Industrially, but yet cozy – this pleases many people!

Bathroom in industrial style – how to go about it?

Do you dream of an original bathroom in industrial style? This is a room in which the introduction of this style is not difficult. In stores we can currently find a lot of tiles that successfully imitate, for example, concrete or brick. Such decor is cool in the bathroom, for example, just in combination with wooden elements. This creates an interior that you simply want to stay in, and which is also intriguing! Concrete walls and a wooden cabinet under the sink, plus simple decorations – this is how you build step by step an interior that impresses! 

Accessories for the bathroom in the industrial style

You can bring an industrial climate to your bathroom also by choosing the right accessories. A mirror in a simple frame or lighting without unnecessary ornamentation are also things that “do the job”! As are metal shelves, which are sure to come in handy in the bathroom for storage. You also do not have to give up plants or elements of color. Indeed, an industrial style bathroom is not necessarily a place where you will put tiles on the walls in all the colors of the rainbow, but you can successfully reach for, for example, colorful dispensers for soap or washing liquid, and maybe some kind of rug to break the gray of the room? Style is there to be inspired and play with – remember that!

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