Kitchen well organized. Drawers, lockers, bins

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What does the perfect kitchen look like? It’s big, has lots of shelves and is easy to find cutlery and crockery. Despite appearances, you don’t have to do any renovations to create such space. Here are some clever ideas for more space in the kitchen!

A kitchen in real life doesn’t look like it was pulled from Pinterest. Unfortunately, perfectly clean countertops and stacked dishes with no unnecessary accessories are a rarity. Even personal items that should belong in the bedroom or living room find a place there. In everyday life, a well-organized kitchen sounds like an unattainable goal. Can it be better organized? Of course! Just equip yourself with easily accessible drawers, storage and bins

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Well organised worktops are essential

Countertops are the most important place in the kitchen. They are used to prepare food, store products and wash dishes. Kitchen countertops should be reasonably empty. This is the place for things and appliances that you use at least once a day. We recommend placing the microwave, coffee maker or knife rack there

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What else is worth putting on the countertop? We recommend placing a basket for handy items. Depending on the needs of the household members, it can contain phone chargers or car keys. In addition, next to the induction hob it is recommended to arrange basic kitchen utensils and place a container for fruits and vegetables that do not require storage in the refrigerator

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A utensil holder next to the sink is great. If you don’t know what to do with a wet sponge or washcloth, this is the gadget for you! Plastic utensils attach to the sink with suction cups. There is room inside for a dish brush, sponge and washcloth

Organising kitchen cupboards, drawers and shelves

Cabinets with drawers are a staple in an organized kitchen. They usually perform much better than those with regular doors. The deepest drawers are for storing pots and pans. Tableware, on the other hand, should be placed in the drawer that’s closest to the induction hob. When choosing a kitchen equipped mainly with drawers, it is worth thinking about buying organizers. Then each type of cutlery will have its own place and glassware will be easier to pull out without risking damage

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In the kitchen, it is recommended to place hanging shelves instead of cabinets above the countertop. They take up much less space and everything is close at hand. If you want there to be order, just put plenty of plastic organizers on them. Buy glass containers for spices. And you can store flour, pasta or cereal in plastic organizers. Open shelves are especially useful in small spaces where space is limited. Classic cabinets take up a large portion of the kitchen, whereas you can design the number of shelves yourself

If your kitchen is L-shaped or U-shaped, you know how difficult it is to design the corners. It is in these places that corner cabinets are perfect. They connect the sides of the furniture, so they are quite large. If you have excess pots, you can put them there. This is also a great place to store kitchen appliances such as a blender, malaxer or food processor. This is the place for appliances used once a week at most. Also remember that you can create a cabinet above the hood as well. This is usually one of the most poorly designed places. Just cut a hole above it for the pipe and close the whole thing with a door

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Clever kitchen solutions

The first most popular solution is a basket placed under the sink. Usually, cleaning supplies are placed next to it. If you decide to have a cabinet under the sink, it’s a good idea to put a door with a touchless opening system in it

Another idea is to place hooks inside the kitchen cabinets. If you don’t want to damage your furniture, choose accessories that can be glued on. You can easily remove them in the future. You can place cloths, towels or kitchen gloves on them

Use kitchen accessories made of silicone. If you cook and bake a lot, you’re well aware of how difficult it is to fit it all in one cabinet. Silicone, on the other hand, is a flexible material, so the problem of storing excess accessories disappears

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