What is useful for DIY furniture assembly at home?

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More and more people decide to assemble furniture on their own. For this you need basic tools and various types of materials. In this article we present the most useful things for self-assembly of furniture.

Do it yourself

Assembling furniture is not only about assembling ready-made projects bought in stores, but also about creating something new on your own. Recycling is in vogue and allows you to create furniture that is unique. To make them, you can use things that are no longer needed, such as boards, but not only

An interesting solution can be the use of crates or Euro pallets. DIY furniture is usually quite simple constructions that act as additions and interesting decoration, rather than necessary equipment. However, using the right materials and accessories, you can assemble furniture that does not differ in appearance from those ready-made, available in stores.

Furniture boards

To make a piece of furniture that will be durable, and at the same time will blend well with the other furniture in the room, it is worth using products designed specifically for the construction of furniture. The basic material here are furniture boards, usually chipboard and MDF. Both types will work perfectly as fronts and walls.

Chipboard can be purchased in its raw state, but also already finished, for example laminated or foiled. MDF boards can also be laminated, but most often they are finished with PVC foil or veneer imitating real wood. If we care about the modern character of the furniture, it is worth reaching for lacquered boards. Raw furniture boards are best for assembling such furniture, which we later want to finish with upholstery.

Fibreboard and HDF can also be useful when making furniture. They are thin, but strong enough to be used for the backs of cabinets and shelves as well as drawer bottoms.

Table tops for furniture

If we want to make a table or finish a cabinet, a suitable top will be necessary. You can buy a ready-made one, with pre-drilled holes, which make it easier to install legs. However, you can design it yourself, taking into account all your personal requirements. Here laminated boards and wooden tops will work best, which need to be protected with oil or varnish.

Table tops can also be made of cut boards. If you do not have old boards, you can buy new ones at the DIY store. They are ready to be finished.

Furniture accessories

Certain accessories are necessary for self-assembly of furniture. Some of them, in turn, also have an aesthetic function.


You can make them yourself, but there are also ready-made products available in stores. You can freely choose the size, color and shape of the legs. Some are made of plastic, others of aluminum or wood. You can choose them so that the furniture will gain a unique character and will perfectly fit into the interior.


They will be indispensable when creating a piece of furniture that has doors, i.e. when we want to assemble a closet, a cabinet or a bookcase. The hinges will make it easy to open the door. There are many types of hinges to choose from so that you can install glass, for example.


Rivets connect different parts of a piece of furniture together. They can also be a decorative element. It is advisable to choose rivets taking into account the type of material of which a piece of furniture will be made. You can find a wide range of rivets and rivet nuts at https://www.kristal.net.pl/nity-i-nitonakretkii.


The selection of furniture handles is so large that you can easily match them to your tastes and to the style of your furniture. Among the available models, you can also find those designed for use in children’s furniture.

Main photo: Michael Warf/unsplash.com

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