Wooden accents in the apartment – a simple way to beautify the interior

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Wood brings a unique atmosphere to an interior, warmth and makes it cozy. If you care about a really charming apartment, you certainly can not skip wood accents when decorating it. Any wooden decorations will bring a homely atmosphere, and wooden furniture will create an atmosphere like in a mountain cottage. Check out some of the wooden decorations that will make your home more beautiful

Wooden lamps

Lighting has a huge impact on the appearance of the interior. What matters here is not only the decor itself, but also the way in which different objects reflect the light. For example, you may find that a sofa that you don’t like at all in a dark corner of the living room will look phenomenal under the window. That is why lamps are so important in a room. In addition to the strictly practical use of lamps, they can also be a beautiful decoration of the room. The wooden chandelier not only disperses the light fantastically, but also is a really wonderful decoration, for example a living room. If you love warm Scandinavian cottage style interiors or modern but still cozy decor, wooden lamps will be a hit in your home! They are the perfect accent that adds charm to a room and creates a wonderful atmosphere while not taking up any space, unlike furniture, standing or wall decorations

Frames and Wooden Reliefs

Many local communities have their own folk artists who can carve real masterpieces in wood. A wooden bas-relief hanging on the wall can really become the focal point of a room. Folkiness and a return to one’s roots is a growing in popularity, and a very beautiful trend. Folk accents in the living room or bedroom will certainly look phenomenal, but they will not dominate the decor on their own. Combining styles is also an increasingly popular practice. If you hang a folk ornament in a very modern interior, it will surely stand out and arouse the interest of your guests. Photos in wooden frames or huge, richly decorated frames, on the other hand, will become the focal point, for example, in the hallway or dining room. Both on the Internet and at flea markets and local bazaars you can buy really great frames from many years ago, often for a pittance

Wooden figurines, souvenirs from around the world

A perfect decoration of the living room or dining room or bedroom, will be brought from far and near parts of the world figurines. Characteristic African sculptures will not only bring back beautiful memories from vacations, but also decorate a shelf or a fireplace and will be a great excuse to break the ice when guests come. The same goes for Scandinavian and Nordic figurines and Eastern ornaments, which really are sometimes small works of art. If you travel a lot and like to bring yourself all sorts of souvenirs from the furthest corners of the Earth, they will be absolutely unique and fantastic decoration, which will add a bit of exotic spice to the interior, in addition to arousing nostalgia in you and remind you of beautiful moments spent away from home

Decorating the interior, regardless of whether you are doing it completely from scratch or it is just a minor renovation, can cause problems. New interiors are very often cold, repulsive, described by some as “hospital-like”. To avoid this unpleasant effect, which no one wants in their asylum, add wooden accents to the decor, and certainly the room will immediately gain the charm and coziness you want.

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