3 ideas for decorating the table for a birthday party

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Birthday is undoubtedly a special occasion. Therefore, organizing a birthday party, you should take care of its unique atmosphere and creative decorations. With a little imagination and willingness you can create a magical atmosphere, which will certainly be remembered by the birthday boy.

Elegant classics on the birthday table

The decoration of the table for the birthday party is an extremely important part of the party. Classic solutions work well here, giving the event an elegant character. First of all, it is worth to think about the colors of the decoration, so that the whole thing is matched and harmonious with each other – a good idea will be the favourite color of the birthday person or standard shades, such as beige, ash or white. With the decoration base in mind, which is the color scheme, you can move on to planning the details. First of all, think about what dishes will appear on the party and how many guests will appear on it, and thus what tableware and cutlery set will be needed. Remember that glasses are an important element, especially those for champagne – after all, it is from them that the toast is made. Napkins and tablecloths or table runners are also an important accent. In addition to aesthetic value, it is advisable that they are made of palm-resistant material. Finally, think about what decorations you choose. Certainly flowers, giving the table delicacy and freshness, and the world or led garlands being an interesting and sophisticated source of light, will be great. It is also worth to place vignettes on the table by the seats. This will make conversation easier for guests who do not know each other

Uniqueness is the key to success

If you know the birthday boy or girl well, and you know exactly what he or she likes, it is worth considering a thematic party. Personalized decorations will definitely make the birthday party have a unique atmosphere. You can choose any movie, book or even country and prepare decorations based on that. If you know that the birthday person likes fantasy, you can serve food and drinks in special glasses and bowls and decorate the table with interesting plants. If the birthday person’s dream has always been a trip to France, prepare French food, write the menu on a board straight from the Parisian cafes and decorate the table with tiny Eiffel Towers. There can be really a lot of ideas – let your imagination run wild and for sure the party will be unforgettable.

A trip to the tropics

An interesting idea to decorate the birthday table is a typical tropical or more holiday, Hawaiian theme. It gives a summer vibe and is perfect for any time of the year – in summer it will highlight the sunny weather and is a great theme for an outdoor party, while in winter it will make you feel like you’re on a hot vacation despite the chill outside the window. To achieve such an atmosphere, you just need to choose the right colors and decorations. The best colors are intense shades of green and strong pinks and oranges associated with the plants found in the jungle. Remember to have plenty of plants on the table – it is the tropics after all! You can serve food on plates and bowls reminiscent of leaves, and drinks in coconut halves, for example. With this theme, serve exotic fruits as appetizers – they are extremely tasty and healthy, and thanks to the variety of colors and shapes they will also have a decorative function. You can also use animal motifs such as leopard print or zebra stripes. Flamingos and parrots are also great

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