Small carpets on large surfaces

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Rugs are great additions to our interiors, adding a cozy and homey feel. Sometimes a small rug is enough, which will not overwhelm the whole interior, but will be an interesting element of the decor. That is why the size of this decoration is very important. A large area does not have to be entirely covered with rugs. An interesting solution can be a small carpet under the coffee table

Patterned, colourful carpets give the interior an interesting style, protect the floor from scratches and dampen noise. When choosing floor decorations, it is important to consider not only visual aspects but also functionality. An appropriate carpet should not be a dominant element of an arrangement, but a part of a well-composed whole. What kind of carpets should we place in rooms with large area and on large surfaces?

An ideal carpet for our interior – how to choose it?

The first aspect that is worth considering when choosing a carpet is its size. It used to be a standard to lay down huge carpets with large dimensions in most interiors. This trend is slowly becoming a thing of the past, as we don’t want to completely cover up beautiful floors that are covered in wood or panels. Carpets have become only an element of the decor, not its dominant point. Therefore, even in large rooms, interior architects often suggest laying a small carpet. Still, many people follow the principle that the carpet should naturally separate the resting area. Therefore it is common practice to choose the size of floor decorations according to the dimensions of sofas and armchairs. In interiors with a Scandinavian style, which are characterized by a minimalist atmosphere, small carpets are proposed, which usually lie under a small coffee table

When choosing a carpet, the material from which it is made also plays a significant role. What are the most popular solutions? Currently the most appreciated are carpets woven from wool, polypropylene, viscose or silk.

Carpet design – choosing colors and patterns

Aspects such as color or pattern of a carpet usually depend on the character of the whole interior and are a reflection of individual preferences of the owners. Many people, when deciding on an appropriate choice of colors in a room, try to make the color of the ground cohere all the color aspects into a whole. Some people like the carpet color to be a strong accent and opt for extravagant and distinctive colors. When choosing colors, it is also important to choose them to match the style of the floor. Remember the simple rule that light carpets optically enlarge a room, while dark carpets subtly diminish it. The type of room you are choosing a rug for should also be taken into consideration. In children’s rooms and in homes with pets – white and cream carpets may not be an ideal idea

What kind of patterned carpet is best? This also depends on the owners or decorator’s idea of arrangement. In monochromatic interiors, adding a patterned rug can be an interesting way to enlarge the interior. In rooms where there are already a lot of accessories, patterns and ornaments it is worth leaving the floor in a neutral character

Interesting alternatives to traditional carpets

A fantastic idea, which will work perfectly in modern interiors, is to buy for large rooms several small carpets, instead of one, which will cover the entire floor. Often carpets within the same room vary in color, design and even the material they are made from. A hit in recent months has been the combination of classic small-scale rugs with animal skin rugs in living rooms. Sheepskin and alpaca wool carpets are very popular. This is a simple procedure that gives the interiors a cozy and homely character, without taking away their modern atmosphere

An interesting alternative to carpets may be impregnated leather or a fashionable bamboo mat. These are less typical solutions, which will fit into avant-garde interiors. Many people completely abandon floor decorations to enhance a beautiful floor.

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