Sculpture in contemporary interiors

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Living room decorated with sculptures is unique and elegant. Sculptures are an uncommon addition in Polish homes, even unique. Fortunately, more and more people are getting used to them

A sculpture in the house increases the aesthetic value of the entire property. It is a spatial form of art, which in the apartment can be a counterpoint or extension of the decoration. Placing sculptures in modern interiors adds character, defines the form of the arrangement and provides an interesting point of reference

Modern sculptures and modernistic interiors

Earlier sculptures were made of steel, bronze or marble. Today many things have changed. The 20th century brought changes and bold experiments. Modern three-dimensional decoration can be created from anything. However, choosing an unusual element, you need to remember about its maintenance, so that it pleases the eye for longer

Still, the most popular are those cast in bronze. Some of the most beautiful can be purchased in antique shops and art galleries. In modern interiors they are a break in style or extension of the form. They are usually placed near the front door or decorate the living room. Now sculpture is not only large monuments, but also smaller figures that stand out from the rest of the decoration. It is worth keeping this in mind when deciding to buy them. They are not only a beautiful decoration of the apartment, but also the garden. If you want to buy a contemporary sculpture, it is worth following Polish artists and their websites

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