Ways to store bread to keep it fresh longer

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Proper storage of bread prolongs its freshness, thus making it suitable for eating longer. What are the ways to store bread? Is the refrigerator a good place for it?

How to store bread?

The proper storage of bread is very important. Bread should be kept in a dry place. If it is wrapped in foil it should be taken out of it, because if the bread is left in foil it is exposed to mould.

The length of freshness of bread is also affected by its type. Bread baked on traditional sourdough, which is made of natural ingredients, stays fresh the longest. The more artificial additives, the shorter the bread can be stored. Bread baked from deep-frozen ready-made dough or ready-made bakery mixes can be stored for the shortest time.

Bread baked with traditional sourdough keeps its freshness for up to a week and can be stored in a wooden loaf or linen bag. When storing bread, it is important to provide it with proper air circulation, so it is important to store bread in containers made of natural materials.

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Storing bread – what is best?

Bread is most often stored:

  • on the kitchen counter,
  • in a breadbox,
  • in foil.

Each of the above methods shortens the freshness of bread. The best place to store bread is a wooden loaf pan, which will ensure proper air circulation – this is very important because lack of air circulation causes bread to deteriorate faster.

An increasingly popular way to store bread is to keep it in a separate cabinet, which should have ventilation holes. With proper ventilation, bread stays fresh longer.

Storing bread in the refrigerator – a good idea?

Storing bread in the refrigerator is a good idea because bread stays fresh longer. When bread is removed from the refrigerator, it warms up quickly and is suitable for consumption. Storing bread in the refrigerator is one way to prolong its freshness.

Freezing bread as a way to prolong freshness

The best way to prolong the freshness of bread is to freeze it. It is best to freeze a few slices at a time – as many as you need for one meal. It is best to thaw the slices on the kitchen counter.

Storing homemade bread

To prolong the freshness of home-baked bread, store it in

  • dry place,
  • linen bag or breadbox.

Homemade bread can be frozen, and after thawing, warm it for a while in the oven – this will keep it fresh and crispy.

Refreshing bread

To refresh stale bread, preheat the oven to 150°C and then place the bread on the grill. Place a heatproof dish next to it with a glass of water poured in beforehand. After several minutes, the bread is ready to eat.

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How to store bread rolls?

You should store bread rolls in the same way as bread. If the rolls will not be used right away, they should be frozen or dehydrated – then they will be perfect to grate into breadcrumbs.

How do you store bread so it doesn’t go moldy?

To keep bread from getting moldy, follow these rules:

  1. Remove the bread from the plastic bag and place it in a linen bag or wooden breadbox.
  2. The bread loaf should be cleaned of bread residue and washed with water and mild detergent or vinegar.
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