How to decorate a photo frame?

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Shells, sprays, paints, sequins, beads, ribbons, flowers and even CDs can all be used to transform an ordinary photo frame and create something unique.

Store photo frames don’t always meet our expectations. Most often they are just black, white, wooden, metal or plastic, without any decorations. Sometimes there are also pink or blue ones, for girls and boys respectively. However, many people would like to put their memories in such frames, which will perfectly reflect the character of those beautiful moments

With our help, a little imagination and a few accessories you can create an original photo frame. What is important, you do not have to spend a lot of money on decorations

Bring back the memories of vacations

On the dresser, cupboard or table, so in a visible place – this is where we most often place frames with photos of vacations and travels. Looking at them brings back very pleasant memories. However, a beautiful frame needs an equally beautiful frame, and an ordinary frame does not look the best.

A great decoration that will quickly transform it is a holiday souvenir, namely seashells and pebbles. All you need to glue them on is a good glue, preferably hot. However, before we proceed to this, it is worth arranging our treasures in a trial composition and think whether they are to decorate the entire frame, or maybe only one of its corners.

Gold, silver, yellow, green – change the color

A great way to match the frame with the interior and the photo itself is to paint it in the color of your choice. Sometimes it happens that you have a beautiful frame at home, but in the wrong shade, or you find the perfect proposal in the store, but it is, for example, too bright. This is not a problem.

You can decorate the frame and change its colors according to your own preferences. It is enough to buy classic paint or spray paint. There are plenty of colors to choose from – from classic black and white, through gold and silver, to intense yellows, reds, purples or greens

What’s more, paints are perfect not only for covering the frame completely, but also for painting fancy patterns on it. In both cases, a small, precise brush will work best

Glue in hand and then… sequins, beads and other trinkets

The best photo frames are those that you create yourself. Just gather all the decorations that you want to put on it. These can be various types of buttons, beads, sequins, zircons or ribbons. Then just arrange them according to your vision and glue.

Such decorations can be arranged symmetrically on each side of the frame or let your imagination run wild and do not stick to rigid rules. You can also combine different sizes, colors, textures and create a crazy whole.

Leitmotif – plants

In recent months, having different kinds of plants at home has become very fashionable. More and more people decide to introduce them into their interiors. Floral motifs also appear in accessories – on pillows and on paintings.

It is a great idea to create an interesting arrangement and decorate the frame with flowers, leaves and different kinds of twigs. With all this you can arrange a very rich composition, which will be just right for, for example, a wedding photo.

Mirror effect – use an old CD

A very original decoration, which will enliven any photo frame, is the one made of an old CD. It is, of course, its back side with a mirror effect. Here – in addition to hot glue you will also need scissors.

Just cut out various geometric shapes with them. They can be of similar size, but an even more interesting proposal is to combine large elements with small ones.

Such a mosaic will beautifully reflect the light and change color depending on which side you look at it.

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