Velour curtains for living room and bedroom

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Curtains, which, as a rule, we try to fit into our arrangements, often give the space a completely different, extremely interesting and unique atmosphere. So it’s worth considering different options when choosing curtains for the rooms in our home. See if velvet curtains are a good solution for the bedroom and the living room!

Velvet – characteristics of the material

Velour is a material that is very popular in the fashion world today. Designers every now and then create creations based on velvet material. Manufacturers of various utilitarian materials are eager to use its properties, because it stands out from all the others available on the market. Many upholsteries of armchairs and sofas are made of velour. The characteristic feature of this material is its amazing appearance. Velour in a way is associated with elegance, wealth and dignity. At first glance it looks like exclusive and hard to get material. For many years it was considered to be the fabric reserved only for the highly placed and exceptionally wealthy people. Today velvet is experiencing years of its glory, it is easily available for almost every person. Velvet, except that it is aesthetic, is also durable and of very good quality. It belongs to the group of plush fabrics

Velour fabrics are distinguished by soft and very fluffy hair layer. It is commonly referred to as fleece. Velour to the touch resembles a peach. In terms of use, this material will perform fantastically. It is resistant to stretching, and some of its varieties can withstand even persistent scratching of the cat without much damage. So velour curtains will look fantastic in any space and will solve many of our problems.

Pros and cons

Velour curtains, which we find in the offer of many stores, have many advantages. First of all, their quality makes them a sensible purchase, which will probably serve us for many years to come. Curtains made of this material perfectly shade the interior. So we do not have to cover the windows additionally – for example with roller blinds. Some, however, finding themselves in spaces where velvet curtains hang, feel stifled and a bit overwhelmed. If your interior is small and filled to the brim with accessories, then using velvet curtains may over-saturate it. In large interiors with several large windows, velour curtains look very elegant. The advantage of velour is definitely its prestigious and stylish nature. Delicate sheen, which is one of the characteristics of curtains made of velour, makes spaces exclusive and sophisticated. The color of the curtains should be matched with the color theme of the room. Curtains matched in color to the rest of the elements of the room complement it, emphasize its character and are the culmination of the composition, which includes

Velour curtains in the living room and bedroom

Curtains made of such a noble fabric as velvet are a beautiful decorative element of any interior. In addition to their practical properties, such as, for example, completely darkening the space and complementing it, they are an ideal choice in bedrooms or living rooms that are a bit cold and do not give the impression of pleasant interiors. With velour curtains on the window, the room will momentarily acquire a cozy character. The fabric will decorate the room from the outside and inside. The atmosphere, which is created by velvet curtains in the bedroom or living room, will certainly appeal to every householder. Many people who once decided to buy the curtains made of velvet, never change this material for any other

Velour curtains are suitable for spaces of different finishes. Classic or modern decoration? It doesn’t matter much because undoubtedly velvet will fit perfectly in every space. The key will be only the choice of color, which will relate to other elements of your bedroom or living room

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