Gift for a one year anniversary – what to buy for a girl?

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The first birthday is a big event for the child and his parents. The problem is often to choose the right gift for the little one. A fairly universal choice is toys, but their unlimited number on store shelves can cause consternation. We suggest what toys to choose for a one-year anniversary gift for a girl.

Among gifts for children, toys reign supreme. This is not surprising – those designed today are not useless objects, but serve an educational function and help the development of the toddler. However, buying gifts is often a challenge, especially for a person who is unfamiliar with children’s trinkets. When choosing a gift for a girl for her first birthday, we should certainly pay attention to whether the chosen toys are made of safe and high-quality materials. Let’s also check whether they have certificates – the most important are: CE, Certificate of the Institute of Mother and Child, Safe Toys, Certificate of the National Institute of Hygiene and TUV.

Let’s also remember to select the gift according to the age of the child. Overly complicated gadgets can arouse frustration in a year-old girl, and toys that have small parts are dangerous. It is worth betting on larger gifts. When choosing a toy, let’s look at its age designation, which can be found on the package. 12 m+ will be appropriate. Below are some ideas for apt gifts for girls for their first birthday.


Dolls are usually one of the first ideas that come to mind when thinking about a gift for a girl. For a one-year-old child, this is an attractive toy, because she can take the doll with her everywhere, talk to her and hug her. Avoid dolls that have small parts in the set. A good choice will be rag dolls, made of soft and tactile materials. Such a doll will be able to be at the same time a cuddly toy, with which the girl will be happy to fall asleep.

Doll strollers

If we are at dolls, then we must immediately mention strollers for them, which are often the dream of little girls. A year-old baby is already taking its first steps, so a stroller can not only be a cute toy, but also support learning to walk and serve as a pusher. Choose models in which the frame of the stroller is stable, the handle can be adjusted, and the upholstery can be washed. It is also worth opting for a folding stroller, so that the girl can take the toy on the go.

Houses and tents

Children love to build their “bases” and hide in them with their treasures, so a great gift idea for a year-old girl will be small houses, tents and tipis that can be set up in a child’s room. Let’s choose stable models, from which, if necessary, the fabric can be pulled off to wash it. Complementing a child’s tent or house can be pillows and blankets.

Educational toys

Educational toys that not only entertain, but also promote development, will always be an apt gift for a child. A year-old girl may like sensory blocks, with different tactile surfaces, equipped with sliding windows and colorful surprises. Soft blocks will be a good choice.

If you decide on an educational toy for a girl’s birthday, you can also look at educational mats, sorters, puzzles and tables or educational cubes, which develop the child in many aspects, including practicing eye-hand coordination.

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