Easter eggs in 10 ways

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Spring, and with it Easter is fast approaching. It is a period of great preparations at home. Spring decorations appear in homes, and one of them are Easter eggs, which can be put in a basket and at the same time set in a vase or on a windowsill as a decoration for the living room, bedroom, kitchen and hallway. Find out together with us how to make Easter eggs in 10 ways.

1. Easter eggs from napkins

One of the easiest ways to prepare Easter eggs is to use napkins. In stores you can find napkins with a spring or Christmas theme. Just cut out interesting patterns and then glue them to the egg shell.

2. Easter eggs made of tissue paper

Another simple and quick way to decorate Easter eggs is to use tissue paper. Tissue paper is available in many stationery stores for a few zlotys. For this you will need glue and a brush. You can cut the tissue paper into smaller pieces and then form them into different patterns on the egg shell. This is great fun for children and beautiful decorations for the home.

3. Easter eggs made of rice, groats and pasta

A slightly more challenging way to make Easter eggs is to make decorations from rice, pasta and semolina. These products are hard before cooking, so you can easily paint or varnish them. When they are colored, simply apply a thick layer of glue to the shell and dip it into a container with the product of your choice. The grains or pasta will easily stick to the egg.

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4. Easter eggs with beads

You can use colorful beads in a similar way. If you have an old necklace made of plastic beads at home, you can use it to make an original decoration.

5. Easter eggs made of mouline or wool

Easter eggs made of mouline and wool is something for children and women who have a little more time and like to make handmade decorations for the house. To make them you will need yarn or a ball of wool and glue. You need to grease a part of the egg with glue, and then gently wind the string on the egg shell. This is quite a labor-intensive task, but the effect delights

6. Easter eggs with embroidery

For those who like to embroider pictures with mouliné, the idea of decorating the egg shell in this way will certainly appeal. All you need to do is to embroider an image on a canvas, then shape it into an egg, and then glue it to the egg shell. However, it is worth remembering that embroidery on canvas is not as easy as it may seem and it takes a lot of time.

7. Painted Easter eggs

Simple but original is painting Easter eggs. Regular paints can be used for this. Nowadays, Easter eggs in one color, on which you draw eyes, nose and smile with a black marker, are very popular. This is a modern, cute and fun decoration for the Christmas table.

8. Naturally dyed eggs

You certainly know the way to dye Easter eggs. There are natural dyes available in stores, which you just need to combine with water and then dip the shells in it. In a few seconds you can get colored eggs. Natural dyes such as turmeric, curry and beet red also work well.

brązowe pisanki
Photo by Pezibear from Pixabay.com

9. Easter eggs made of flowers and grass

You can glue natural flowers, moss or grass to the egg shells. It doesn’t take much time and effort because the plants will easily stick to the egg if the right glue is used. Carpenter’s glue or glue designed for artwork works best. Thanks to them all decorations will be permanent. However, if you want the prepared Easter eggs to serve you also next year, use artificial flowers

10. Lacquered Easter eggs

A popular idea is to varnish eggs. You just need to buy a spray lacquer, and in a few minutes you can prepare modern and stylish decorations for your home for Christmas

All the above-mentioned Easter egg ideas are very simple to make, and they are also cheap. Decide to make them and see how much fun it can be to create modern Christmas decorations for your home.

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