Christmas Eve table in three versions

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Christmas is a time of meetings with loved ones. Along with the first star we sit at the table smelling of hay and delicious dishes, where we talk, sing carols and open presents. The Christmas table is the definite hero of this evening. Beautifully set, it will emphasize the unique atmosphere of Christmas

Golden details

Accessories in the color of gold will delight not only glamour style lovers. Tableware with golden finish and golden cutlery combined with navy blue, red or dark green will look stylish and classy. Candles in golden candlesticks and star-shaped confetti subtly scattered on the tablecloth will add glamour and elegance to the whole arrangement.

nakrycia stołu w kolorze złota
Image by Terri Cnudde, form:

Eco deco

Elements of the still very fashionable, eco-trend can be successfully introduced when decorating a Christmas table. Pieces tied with a jute bow and a green branch of live spruce on a napkin will surely put your guests in an idyllic mood. Cups with a festive pattern and linen napkins in natural color will perfectly correspond with wooden decorations in the shape of Christmas tree arranged on the table. Such an arrangement is sure to enchant our guests

Classic red

Snow-white tableware placed on red tablecloth will always look fashionable and elegant. The classic combination of red, which is a symbol of love, and dark green in the shade of a Christmas tree will create a beautiful background for Christmas dishes

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Red accessories can also be arranged on white plates. Sparkling baubles, red candles, napkins tied with ruby ribbon will surely bring a touch of magic to this special and unique evening.

nakrycie wigilijnego stołu
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