Beautiful and Unique Wallpapers to Freshen Up Your Home

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Wallpapers are one of the most inexpensive ways to freshen up a room in your home without breaking the bank, and they can even be used to tie together the look of your entire place! Although it may seem like there are only so many ways to put these up on your walls, the truth is that there are tons of beautiful and unique wallpapers out there that you can use to make your space truly your own. Now we’ve got some tips on how you can pick out and use some of the best wallpapers around, from one of our favorite online interior design stores!

What Makes a Good Wallpaper?

Good wallpaper has a few qualities that can make it the perfect addition to any room. 

First, the pattern should be neutral in color so that it goes with most interiors. 

Second, the pattern should not be too busy or intricate because this can create a feeling of chaos or unease in a space. 

Third, the design should have some bold colors for adding character and interest, but not so many that it becomes overwhelming. 

Finally, you want to look for something easy on the eyes so you don’t get tired of looking at it every day.

What Makes a Bad Wallpaper?

A bad piece is too busy or has a color palette that clashes with the colors in the room. It’s also not a good idea to have one with a pattern behind your television if you want to be able to watch TV without any obstruction. You should also avoid very long textured walls as this can make it difficult for furniture placement. Lastly, unless you have an exceptionally large space, don’t use wallpapers of more than two different textures at once. Doing so will take up a lot of room while looking messy. 

The History of Wallpaper

Wallpaper has a long history that dates back thousands of years ago in ancient Persia. Persian craftsmen would use scraps of wood or paper and cover them with plaster, then paint them to look like marble. This technique was passed on from the Persians to the Europeans in the 12th century, where craftsmen would use pastes made from various materials, such as flour paste or limewash. These papers were then used for decoration in medieval castles. This also played an important role during the industrial revolution when it was mass-produced for people’s homes. It continued its popularity into modern times, with new trends popping up every year!

The oldest surviving fragments have been discovered in a 6th-century church in Thessaloniki. It’s not clear what type it was, though it’s believed that these wall coverings might have been painted with religious imagery. Many medieval churches had wall coverings for hygienic reasons, especially since bacteria thrived in dark corners where human hands couldn’t reach and during a time when there were no antiseptics. Before paper could be easily mass-produced and made available, many people used colorful clothes instead. Today you can still find examples of textiles being used as wallpaper in historic buildings around Europe!

Color Trends in Wallpapers

For Fall 2015, the hottest color trends in wallpapers are greens, teals, yellows, and oranges. These colors will complement your home décor during the fall season. Choose a bolder pattern with these fun colors for an energetic look that’s perfect for the upcoming holiday season. If you’re looking for more subdued hues, then a neutral-colored may be best suited for your space. With neutrals such as cream, browns, tans, and grays, there is always a way to make your room cozy no matter what time of year it is. Neutral colors work well with brighter furniture pieces or accessories such as throw pillows or rugs because they allow you to play off different color combinations within one space.

For inspiration on your next project, check out our gallery below for several eye-catching color combinations. The best way to incorporate these trends is by adding one main color throughout your entire space. For instance, if you choose a teal-colored pattern for your living room, then add teal touches like throw pillows or area rugs as well. When selecting wall covering patterns and colors, always be sure that your home’s style fits with it — in other words, no kitschy retro designs in sleek contemporary interiors!


In conclusion, these can be a great way to freshen up your home. And when it’s time for a change, you should consider the various options that are out there. You don’t have to stick with traditional pieces for your walls. There are a variety of options available, so make sure you take some time and explore all of them before deciding on what type of wallpaper best suits your needs. You can find wallpapers in

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