Bags with lavender – how to make them?

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Scented lavender pouches are a wonderful accessory that will work great in a closet or dresser drawer with clothes. Lavender gives a beautiful scent that not only floats around the interior, but also permeates your clothes. Of course, you can buy ready-made fragrance sachets, but you can also prepare it yourself

Not only lavender will be suitable for making your own scented pouches. Many dried flowers and essential oils will work great for this purpose. The climate of the apartment is greatly affected by scents, so it is worth taking care of the beautiful scents and aromas in our home

DIY and scented bags with lavender

A lavender scent in the room can quickly improve our mood, and clothes that are scented with it will remind us of nice moments. It’s worth taking the time to prepare natural air fresheners for our home, such as lavender bags. You can make your own lavender bags by cutting out a few centimeters wide pieces of fabric, sewing them together, and placing your favorite set of dried flowers inside. Lavender is a popular plant for this purpose as it grows in many home gardens and its scent is delicate and non-irritating. It is worth choosing a natural fabric for preparing the pouch, which is very air permeable. This will allow the aroma to easily spread around the room. The most commonly chosen materials for this purpose are linen or cotton

What to prepare for making lavender bags?

In addition to the pouch, which you can sew yourself with the above-mentioned materials, you need to prepare its insert, i.e. dried plants, early enough. Already during the summer, when lavender blooms, it should be harvested and then dried in a cool and dark place. Make sure that no moisture gets into it during the drying process, as this can lead to decomposition. A good way to keep lavender flowers fresh and fragrant for longer is to pick it first thing in the morning when the temperature outside is low enough

The bag for dried lavender should be small in size. Seal the bag tightly with a ribbon or piece of string. Fragrant sachets with lavender are perfect for the closet and dressing room, but not only. They will also be perfect for the kitchen as absorbers of smells of fried food and as a car hanger. Many people like it when a beautiful fragrance floats in the place where they receive guests. To give your living room a cozy feel, you can place scented bags on dresser handles or in a decorative bowl on the table

Other flowers that will come in handy in fragrance sachets

When composing home fragrance sachets, it’s worth taking advantage of the abundance of flowers and herbs that nature offers us. Many flowers have a beautiful, intense aroma. You can use rose petals, jasmine, lilac, chamomile, or for lovers of specific scent compositions – marigold. Also dried mint will smell refreshing and you can mix it with other herbs to create surprising and unobvious scents. Basil, rosemary, thyme, or cinnamon will also work great. For people who like more intense scents, we recommend essential oils

In addition, placing a homemade scented bag in the closet can be an effective way to deter moths

The scent of rose petals, lavender and iris can inflame the senses. So it’s worth putting a specially prepared mixture in your underwear drawer. This will give your underwear a mysterious and appealing aroma.

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