Posters – modern and stylish decoration for any interior

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Recently, it has become fashionable to decorate interiors by adding wall decorations. From tapestries to mirrors and family photos. There are plenty of choices, but one option that seems to be particularly popular is posters.

Not only do posters look chic, extravagant and modern, but they will also help cover up any imperfections you may have on your walls.

Hanging posters seems like a relatively simple task – you choose one and hang it on your wall. The matter is not so simple at all, because there are certain rules that you should follow when getting down to decorating your space, using the mentioned decoration.

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Posters for every room

Posters are a very versatile decoration and, contrary to appearances, they are not meant to be hung only in the living room. There are certainly other spaces in other rooms where posters would work perfectly. In the bedroom, which is considered to be the most personal space of a person, wall decorations can reflect your self. If you like nature, let the posters depict nature, and if they are inspirational quotes, there is nothing stopping you from hanging posters that will give you motivation in the morning

The next place you probably wouldn’t think of first is the bathroom. They tend to be cold, sterile and unpleasant, and going to it in the morning when you’ve just come out from under warm sheets is quite a challenge. Evening and morning routines can be more enjoyable if you look at pictures, filled with warm colors. Moreover, kitchen posters can make cooking more enjoyable by adding a homely, familiar atmosphere to the center of any home.

The right place

Another thing to consider is finding the right place to display the posters. These are usually placed above sideboards, sofas or fireplaces. You can also decorate the shelves or windowsills, with a piece of art of your choice that will blend with your modern interior.

Also, pay attention to the height of your poster so you don’t hang it too high or too low. There is a very simple rule of thumb regarding wall decorations, which is that you should hang them within sight. If you want to highlight your poster, you can install LED lights to illuminate the poster and attract extra attention from your guests.

Create a theme

To create the perfect theme for you, don’t be afraid to experiment. This will help you create a layout that reflects your personality and brings harmony to your home. You can make a poster out of your travel photos, collect a bunch of them and arrange them in the order of your travels

Hanging posters in a horizontal, straight line is not the only option. There are plenty of ways to arrange the pieces to create an original layout. You can arrange them symmetrically in a grid with posters of the same size and shape or, if you have a narrower space, you can arrange them vertically in a column. If you want to create something out of the ordinary, you can connect two blank walls by hanging your artwork in the corners of those walls.


The main purpose of wall decorations is to add color to any room, especially those with the most minimalist design. In fact, posters cover a wide range of colors that you can use to match your interior design. By syncing the colors, you will ensure a linear and uncluttered style in your home.

When decorating your interior, we usually go by color preferences. Therefore, if you prefer the color red, you should choose posters that mainly contain this color to bring out the key hue in your home.

There is nothing stopping you from choosing two or three colors from your posters and matching them with your furniture. The purpose of posters is to give an artistic touch to your interiors and to catch the eye.

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