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Until recently, e-commerce was only a curiosity for people eager for technological novelty, but now e-commerce is conquering entire markets for trade and services both in Poland and worldwide.

More and more skeptics see the advantage of e-commerce over sales in stationary stores and this fact should not come as a surprise. Nowadays, there are companies providing virtually every type of service on the web, which is why it is so important to be found there. Interestingly enough, however, there is also a place for stationary stores on the web, and to promote them, local positioning is used.

General principles of positioning

Website positioning for small businesses and huge enterprises is an essential activity in the modern world of e-commerce. Every fresh website after being published on the web lands at the bottom of search results, usually on the last pages of Google listings. It does not generate any traffic and therefore its illusory presence in the search engine does not carry any value.

Positioning aims to change this state of affairs. The position of a given website is always evaluated by Google’s algorithm, which analyzes websites continuously based on data obtained by Google robots. These robots collect all the information about websites on the web and gather it in one place for further analysis. During the evaluation, the algorithm performs an in-depth verification of the site and compares its detailed parameters with the guidelines. It is worth fulfilling them in order to get the highest ranking.

How to position a website step by step?

Positioning a website does not seem to be difficult only on the surface. It is a very complicated operation, which requires a great deal of knowledge and experience. That is why it is so important that it is carried out only by specialized companies and interactive SEO agencies. For example, SEO in Cleveland is absolutely top-notch because of many experienced agencies. But ok, you might think – that sounds good, and It would be my choice, unfortunately I live in Texas. Doesn’t matter, SEO in Cleveland is still available for You, because they can cooperate with the company remotely.  Location differences are not an issue, so instead of focusing on local agencies of uncertain quality, try SEO in Cleveland and work with the best. So how does SEO work? It is worth starting from the beginning.

First, any self-respecting SEO agency conducts an in-depth analysis of the entire website. This process, known as free SEO audit, is designed to illustrate the current state of a website in terms of search engine, so that the company is able to prepare a further plan of action and develop a detailed strategy based on the requirements of a particular site. Many companies, especially individuals and freelancers, do not pay enough attention to this stage, which is a mistake that can have big negative consequences for the future.

After the free SEO audit and development of the strategy, any changes should be implemented already on the website. This is by far the longest and most error-prone stage, so getting it right is crucial in terms of results. Whole teams of positioners as well as programmers and copywriters modify the source code to meet all requirements of Google algorithm. First of all, it is necessary to saturate the texts with key phrases, take care of the User Interface and User Experience, as well as to accelerate its operation and many, many others. There are even several hundred steps!

At the last stage you need to build a base of links which will lead to the positioned website. This is a very important stage, which only on the surface seems simple. Until recently Google paid attention only to the number of backlinks, but now their quality matters, so it is not enough to paste backlinks to every forum or website – what matters is its reputation in Google. It is advisable to place your backlinks only on websites which are already visible in search engines and have some success in this field. Remember that free SEO audit should be there always for You, although for the reason of possibility to check the agency services quality.  

Local positioning for stationary business

But what if your business only sells goods or services in a stationary location? Do I need local SEO services? It is enough to use local positioning service, which differs from the national one in that it is focused on increasing the visibility of the website only within one city, province or district. Internet users search for new stores or companies using Google search engine, therefore it is important that your website or just a business card on the map is also found in the results. Here we get to the point of local SEO importance. Better promotion is always better than no promotion at all, which is why you should always boost your local SEO whenever possible.

Is positioning worth complimenting with other marketing activities?

Definitely yes! Positioning is a difficult process, which poses many difficulties for positioners, which only seem insurmountable. First of all it is worth deciding on sponsored articles, which give two basic effects. First of all, they allow us to place a backlink to our site on a site with a good reputation, which significantly increases the position in Google, and secondly, we will gain sudden and large traffic, which can be characterized by good conversions. Many people also wonder if email marketing still sells. The answer to this question is quite difficult, because it depends mainly on the industry. However, it is still a good complement to the standard positioning, so it is worth deciding on it also in your case.

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  • iCEA PL 20.07.2022

    At one time I wondered about SEO, it was more about increasing rather than getting visibility in general, nevertheless I decided. It seems to me that the business we do should not be an indicator. Every company should focus on image building to a greater or lesser extent. I can recommend my partner:, primarily for the quality of service and attractive price, unchanging, which is also important. Following the author’s train of thought, SEO is always beneficial, as long as it is implemented in the right way. Currently, I do not regret the decision and would certainly decide again!