Canvas. Images printed on canvas.

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Do you know what canvas is? Paintings printed on canvas have definitely been growing in popularity lately. Decorating your space with them makes it extra special! Here is some information about canvas!

Designers outdo each other, coming up with new ideas for unique interiors. We love minimalist, elegant spaces. We also admire rooms filled to the brim with glamour and classic, very aesthetic, timeless arrangements. However, each space should be distinguished by its unique form and elements that we will not be able to find in any other. This is what makes it unique and individual form of expression of ourselves

Abstracting from many fashion premises, it is worth considering what will make our rooms stand out from the rest. Additionally a lot of attention should be paid to the character of our arrangements. Originality of our spaces, where especially in the era of pandemonium we spend a lot of time, will be added by composing our own decorative canvas

Canvas are images printed on canvases. These charming photo paintings, which are gaining popularity today, are created by specialized companies operating in the photography industry. Each canvas is created with the help of modern technologies that allow photos or images to be taken and fixed on specialized cotton canvases. Canvas, which is a material imported to Poland from Italy, is characterized by durability. Manufacturers finish the composition on canvas by placing it on a wooden frame. As a rule, wood, which is the basis for the photo-image, is durable and very good in quality. The artistic end result creates an amazing, original product that is sure to decorate any space

The dimensions of canvas are very different. On the market we come across photo images with dimensions between 30 cm and 120 cm

On canvas we usually place different landscapes, plants, characters, cityscapes or any other motif that will certainly fit into the overall atmosphere of our space. Canvas are a decorative and unique finishing touch to any space. What is interesting, they can be constructed, for example, by using several smaller photo paintings forming a composition or you can stop with one-piece graphics. Triptychs or other divided pictures are an extravagant idea, which will be perfect in living rooms, bedrooms or bathrooms. The only limitation that we will face, when we want to use the idea of decorating a space with graphics on canvas, will be our imagination. This is because there is nothing preventing us from creating the whole design a little bit more. Manufacturers will be happy to make our ideas that will have, for example, horizontal or vertical orientation. Large format decorations are popular among a large group of supporters of interior decoration with photo images

In order to create a private canvas, which will be a kind of souvenir from vacations or a form of commemorating our other memories, you can send companies to make a canvas with graphics, which we created ourselves. This is a very interesting option for lovers of original solutions, who will be happy to emphasize their individuality by using such an unusual and distinctive wall decoration

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